Best Anti Wrinkle Treatment Glasgow

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 18.01.57Anti wrinkle treatments are used to soften and calm deep lines and wrinkles in between the eyebrows, around the eyes and across the forehead caused by active muscles. Generally these treatments work by temporarily relaxing the muscle that’s responsible for deep wrinkles.

The best anti wrinkle treatments will treat wrinkles that are caused by over-active muscles around the eyes, forehead, frown lines or in between the eyebrows.

If you are looking to gently soften lines and wrinkles then you should come to Govan Dental Care. At our surgery in Glasgow we are known for providing the best anti wrinkle treatment, with our treatment being provided by a qualified practitioner in a safe environment.

When you come to us for our anti wrinkle treatment you can expect the injections to be delivered from type A botulinum toxin. This works by temporarily blocking the release of acetylcholine (the chemical that is responsible for sending information to the muscles). When this is injected into your muscle, it will cause the contracted muscle to relax which will in turn reduce the wrinkle depth.

At our surgery in Glasgow we are rigorous in our commitment to safety, so every time that you visit us you can be certain that you are in safe hands.

Our anti wrinkle treatment is not only effective and carried out by a professional but it is also cost-effective, with our prices being very competitive.

Before our anti wrinkle treatment is provided we will expect you to come into our practice in Glasgow for a consultation, this is so that we can tell you more about the treatment and answer any questions that you may have. If you are then happy to proceed then we can arrange for the treatment to begin.

For a consultation appointment, simply give us a call today on 0141 445 1829.