Best Mouth Guard Glasgow

image0edAre you grinding your teeth at night? Grinding your teeth can cause long term damage to your teeth, with it giving you anything from the occasional sore jaw to tooth sensitivity and tooth decay.

When to visit the dentist for a mouth guard:

  • Chipping a tooth – This can be a sign that your teeth grinding has become more serious. As you touch your teeth together and grind back and forth you can be putting a lot of pressure on the enamel, meaning that you can damage your teeth and it can even lead to cavities
  • You have chronic grinding – There are people in Glasgow who grind periodically because of temporary issues such as stress and work. If it is chronic then you will be grinding most nights, meaning that a mouth guard would be needed
  • You wake up with a headache – If you feel that you have a headache every morning then it could be a result of grinding your teeth in your sleep. Although a mouth guard won’t stop you from grinding altogether it can certainly help
  • You have temporomandibular joint disorder – This occurs when the muscles around the jaw become inflamed, this sometimes happens as a result of clenching your teeth together and grinding them
  • You take anti-depressants – If you take anti-depressants then you should talk to a dentist about a mouth guard. It has been found that paroxetime – the main ingredient in some antidepressants can cause night-time teeth grinding


Apart from grinding, mouth guards are used in many sports for example boxing. There are loads out there that you can buy online but the best ones are the ones that have been made specially for your teeth.

We are known for providing the best mouth guards that are available here at our practice in Glasgow. When you come to us you can expect one of our dentists to discuss the mouth guard with you including the cost, if you are then happy to go ahead then they will take a mould of your teeth. The mould will then be sent to a lab along with your colour requirements and it will be made within 7 days.

We have had loads of different patients in Glasgow coming to us for the mouth guards that we can offer, both people who are grinding their teeth in their sleep and people who need them for sports purposes. Whatever you need them for, we have the best dentists on hand who are ready to help, just make an appointment with us today.