Braces For Adults Glasgow

smile very bottomThere are a number of different reasons why adults choose to get braces, with many getting them due to their teeth shifting with age. There are a lot of adults who find that their previously straight teeth have become crooked or overcrowded meaning that they’d be more inclined to consider having braces.

There are also loads of adults in Glasgow who get braces because they’ve always had crooked teeth or teeth that have a gap in them, but their parents/guardians couldn’t afford to pay for them when they were growing up.

There are a number of different types of braces that are suitable for adults, these are as follows:

  • Braces on the NHS
  • Cfast braces
  • Six Month Smiles
  • Quick Straight Teeth


Braces on the NHS

Braces are available on the NHS for adults who need them, however, they aren’t available if you just want to fix minor cosmetic problems.

Braces on the NHS are metal and will be in your mouth for up to 2 years. This treatment is capable of straightening crooked, crowded or protruding teeth as well as closing gaps between the teeth and correcting the bite of the teeth so that the top and the bottom teeth meet when you close your mouth.

Cfast braces

Cfast braces involves using orthodontic appliances that are specially designed to straighten the front teeth of adults, providing a significant improvement in the appearance of the patients smile in less than 6 months!

Cfast braces involve using a tooth coloured brace that is fixed to the front of your teeth. The cosmetic nickel titanium wires work in conjunction with ceramic brackets to gently align your teeth into a better position using a light force. The fact that the appliance has tooth coloured brackets and wires makes it a very discreet treatment.

Cfast braces is aimed only at adults and is carried out purely for cosmetic reasons.

Six Month Smiles

Six month smiles involves using tooth-coloured brackets and wires to straighten the teeth. Tooth-coloured brackets and wires is something that most adults who want braces are looking for as they are discreet, meaning that people wouldn’t notice straight away that you are having treatment carried out.

Six month smiles as the name suggests can offer the perfect smile in just six months which is significantly faster than other forms of braces for example NHS braces that can take up to 2 years to complete.

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth is another popular type of braces that are available to adults. With Quick Straight Teeth there are a range of applications to choose from, with there being both removable and fixed braces available to choose from.

Both types of Quick Straight Teeth applications will straighten teeth quickly and effectively, whilst appearing almost invisible. The system has an average treatment time of 4 to 24 weeks.

Quick Straight Teeth appliances have been rigorously tested which ensure both maximum wearability and comfort for all adults who use this treatment.

Our practice

Here at our practice in Glasgow we offer all of the above treatments. We have been providing these treatments for adults for several years now and have both a wealth of experience and an excellent reputation for doing so.

Our dentists are highly skilled when it comes to carrying out each of these treatments for adults, so rest-assured you’ll be using a team of professionals.

When you come to our practice in Glasgow one of our dentists will take the time out to assess your suitability for treatment. At this point you’ll be able to find out what your options are in terms of braces and what type is most suitable for you based on your teeth.

If you are then happy to go ahead then we’ll arrange for treatment to get started.

Contact us

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