Cosmetic Dental Surgery Glasgow


Here at our cosmetic dental surgery in Glasgow we are proud to say that we are a forward thinking, modern dental practice who has been serving the community now for over 40 years. We have a team of dedicated, hardworking staff who each bring different skills and areas of expertise. These members of staff include dentists, dental nurses, receptionists and therapists.

We are always looking to provide new procedures for the patients at our cosmetic dental surgery in Glasgow and in order for this to happen we have invested in specialist technology. Every patient who comes to us is listened to and treated with care and respect.

People in Glasgow come to our cosmetic dental surgery to help to improve their smile. Cosmetic treatment includes everything from changing the shape, appearance, colour or position of your teeth.

The techniques and procedures which come under cosmetic dentistry which we carry out regularly at our cosmetic dental surgery in Glasgow includes:

  • dental veneers – veneers are used to help fix gaps, chips and teeth that are discoloured or broken. Dental veneers are durable and can last long term, they help to create a perfect smile
  • bridges – dental bridges is a procedure which is used to help to replace missing teeth, this involves hanging an artificial tooth from a real one beside it. If done correctly this is highly effective.
  • crowns – when you have a tooth that is broken, damaged, weak or had root canal treatment done on it, a crown may be used to restore the tooth.
  • white fillings – these are used to restore the appearance of your tooth and make it more natural looking than a silver filling
  • tooth whitening – a procedure used to help teeth that are discoloured. Teeth whitening can lighten teeth by several shades
  • orthodontics – an orthodontist can help to fix crooked teeth, uneven bites, overcrowding and spaces between teeth

At our cosmetic dental surgery in Glasgow we pride ourselves on offering these cosmetic treatments at affordable prices as cosmetic procedures are not often available on the NHS.

So if you are looking for a cosmetic dental surgery in Glasgow who have the best interests of their patients at heart then why not contact us today.