Cosmetic Dentistry Glasgow

Cosmetic dentistry is very popular amongst people in Glasgow due to the need for people to feel confident in themselves and their smiles. People may wonder what cosmetic dentistry actually is, the answer to this is that it is any type of dental work which is carried out in order to improve the look of your teeth and/or gums. This focuses on improving the colour, shape, size or alignment of your teeth.

Examples of cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow includes:

  • teeth whitening – an effective treatment which can lighten teeth by a few shades. This treatment can be carried out in surgery or at your home
  • veneers – this is a layer of porcelain which is placed over the surface of your own tooth/teeth to make them look better. They can improve the shape, colour or position of your teeth, they can also be used on teeth with chips, gaps or that are broken
  • crowns – a crown or cap is placed over a tooth to restore the natural tooth’s shape, size and ultimately your smile. These are ideal for weak or broken teeth, for teeth that have had root canal treatment carried out on them in order to offer protection or they can be used for aesthetic reasons like covering up discoloured fillings. There are different crowns which people can choose from, these are metal bonded crowns, metal free crowns or gold crowns
  • braces – is another treatment that people regularly ask about due to how effective they are in working. We have been trained by some of the leaders in this industry such as cfast, 6 month smiles and quick straight teeth. Braces can now be very discreet and can be either fixed or removable as well as being transparent
  • dental bridges – these are used to replace missing teeth and can be very effective

As you can see above we have mentioned some of the cosmetic dentistry treatments that we get asked about by our patients in Glasgow but we do offer many more services to our patients. You can find out about the others on our website.

The dentists that work at our dental practice are all highly skilled and competent professionals who carry out these treatments for people on a daily basis so if you would like to speak to them about cosmetic dentistry and you live in Glasgow why not make an appointment today. You can make an appointment through our website by selecting an available day and time that suits you or you can call us on 0141 445 1829.