Dental Braces Glasgow

Dental braces are just one of the many treatments which we provide for our patients in Glasgow and other surrounding areas. We provide patients with a wide range of treatments as it helps to provide for everyone’s needs and requirements as best as possible.

Our dentists and orthodontists that carry out these treatments are all fully trained, qualified and have many years of experience. Helping to ensure patients that they will be receiving the best quality service possible. Dental braces help those who are aren’t happy with the appearance of their teeth. They are applied to the teeth and help the teeth to straighten up and give patients the perfect smile that they have always wanted.

In most cases patients will have these dental braces for up to 6 months. In this period, patients should start to see the results and have the teeth that they have always wanted. Glasgow is where most of our patients come from as we are situated in Govan and have different methods of transport which go to and from our practice. We try our best to provide our services for as many patients as possible so a larger group of patients are benefiting from our services.

The dental braces that we offer to our patients in Glasgow are:

  • quick straight teeth – these braces are designed to work on the front six or eight teeth and are invisible as they use clear brackets and tooth coloured wires. They can help to correct teeth with mild problems quickly in comparison to other types of braces. These type of braces are a cost effective solution.
  • cfast – cfast uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured nickel titanium wires which puts gentle pressure on the teeth in order to get them to move. This stops the need for tightening which some people feel causes discomfort in conventional orthodontic treatments. Cfast focuses on the teeth noticed when you smile.
  • six month smiles – these braces are designed to straighten your teeth in around six months

Dental braces have really changed over time, from the conventional metal braces they are now far more discreet which is exactly what people are looking for so that they don’t feel self conscious because they aren’t that noticeable.

We can guarantee that all of our patients will be left feeling fully happy and satisfied with the end result. Dental braces have helped many patients in Glasgow gain the perfect smile with the straight teeth that they have always wanted.

For anyone in Glasgow that would like to know more about dental braces or about any of our other treatments you can either go to our treatments page, call our receptionists desk, or book an appointment to come to our dental practice using our online booking system. We have this booking system in place to make things as easy for our patients as we possibly can so why not give it a try. We look forward to hearing from you.