Dental Implants Govan

slide1A dental implant is a titanium screw that can replace the root of a tooth when it fails, just like a tooth root it is placed into the jawbone.

We are able to provide dental implants here at our dental practice in Govan. At our dental practice we have exceptional standards in patient care, treatment standards, hygiene and integrity of patient data, we also take responsibility to continually improve our knowledge and service and embrace advances and developments within our profession.

Getting a dental implant can be a complex procedure as it can take a minimum of 3 months to complete, when coming to us for this treatment you can expect the titanium insert to be place into the bone and the bone will then be given time to heal and  become one with the metal insert. After successful healing you can expect the implant to be loaded with your choice of abutment whether it be a crown, bridge or denture. There are many implant systems that are available with immediate loading options, this means you could effectively have a crown placed the same day.

Dental implants is a cost effective treatment and can be life changing for you, at our dental practice in Govan we can provide competitive prices for this treatment and are able to discuss the costs before the treatment is started.

If you are based in Govan and would like to find out more about our dental implants then you should arrange an appointment to see one of our dentists where you will be able to discuss your options. You can arrange an appointment with us by giving us a call on the number that is provided on our contact page.