Dental Implants Paisley

Govan Dental Care offer Dental Implants in Paisley, we have a number of patients who us as their regular dentists, we offer a wide range of both NHS and Private treatments and Dental Implants is one that is a popular choice with our patients.

Some people might ask what a dental implant is and you can find out more about what a dental implant is and whats involved by seeing our treatment page click here

It is basically an insert that is put in place to replace a missing tooth or teeth to give you back your smile, a lot of people who lose a tooth become self conscious and end up getting dental implants to make sure that they feel confident about smiling again.

Getting Dental Implants in Paisley isn’t as expensive as some people suggest, and we do offer a free consultation for anyone who wants to consider getting a dental implant. It is a procedure that is quite complex, it is an ideal way of replacing missing teeth and will last a lot longer than other treatments that are available.

This procedure can take a minimum of 3 months to complete and many patients agree that it is well worth the wait as the end result is always of the highest standard.

So if you are interested in Dental Implants in Paisley get in contact with us to book a FREE consultation with one of our dentists.