Dental Sedation Govan

sedation pictureDental sedation involves using medication to put a patient into a relaxed state whilst the dentist carries out the dental procedure. The medication that’s used will help you, the patient to become free of stress and anxiety and will allow it to be a lot less of an unpleasant experience. Further to this, the appointment will allow the dentist to concentrate on performing the dental treatment in the best possible way.

Dental sedation can offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  1. You’ll be much more relaxed –  Typically dental sedation will transform dental visits to a relaxing experience, relieving you from stress and fear
  2. It offers comfort – Patients who have tmj problems, jaw soreness and difficulty to keep their mouth wide open will be much more comfortable with dental sedation
  3. It offers movement control – Sedation will minimise the movement of the dental patient which is beneficial if you have a medical condition that affects your movement control


Since dental sedation has become so widely available, there has been a reduction in people who have found a reason to miss check-ups or to avoid having treatment done.

At Govan Dental Care, we provide dental sedation for both NHS and private patients who live locally in Govan or nearby. Recently, we’ve become a key referral clinic for dentists throughout the West of Scotland for dental patient anxiety management.

If you come to Govan Dental Care for dental sedation then you can expect to be under the care of two dentists for your treatment. One of these dentists will be carrying out the work whilst the other dentist is monitoring the sedation. The fact that there are two of us means that we are able to offer one of the safest and conscientious treatments that are available in the area.

Our treatment would be beneficial for you if you fit into any of the following categories:

  • If you are suffering from dental phobia and you would rather not be aware of what’s happening during the treatment
  • If your fear is based around something specific for example needles
  • If you are getting complex treatment carried out that’s unpleasant e.g removing your wisdom teeth
  • If you have a lot of treatment that’s to be finished and you want most of it done in one visit or if you can’t take loads of time off for separate appointments


For more information on our dental sedation or if you are having any serious nervous issues about coming in and are being put off, feel free to contact us to discuss your options. Just give us a call on 0141 445 1829 or send us an email at: