Dentist For Children Glasgow

Many parents search for a good dentist for their child/children in Glasgow, a dentist who is good with children, who is patient and who will make them feel at ease. The dentist that we have for children in Glasgow is all of the above and has experience of working with them. Parents who take their children to a dentist can sometimes feel upset if they see their child becoming distressed while having their teeth looked at but many have reported back to us on how comfortable the experience was for their child when they visited our dentist.

We encourage parents to start visiting a dentist with their child from a young age in order to get them used to the environment so that if it came to them actually needing something done to their teeth then it wouldn’t be big issue to them. Our dentist can also offer help and advice if needed regarding your childrens oral health in Glasgow. Being part of the childsmile programme enables us to work with parents and provide them with information about teeth, teething, diet, weaning and sugars etc. We can also demonstrate tooth brushing techniques and provide your child with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Our surgery is located in Govan which is close by bus stops and an underground so it is convenient for people to get to. The surgery itself is modern with up to date technology and every member of staff that works with us is friendly.

Once people attend our surgery in Glasgow to see our dentist for children they usually remain patients of ours and tell other people about us as they are happy with the service that they have received. So, if you would like to visit our dental surgery with your children to see a dentist then why not give us a call today to get an appointment booked or you can book online through the booking system on our website.