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Need an Dentist in Ibrox? We are based in Govan and are a stones throw from Ibrox underground. Or if you get on the underground we are 1 stop away, or you can take a 5 minute walk to our surgery from Ibrox. Here at Govan dental care we have a wide range of patients from all over Glasgow and mainly from areas close to Govan. We provide expert dental care to patients from Ibrox  and other areas within 10 miles of Govan centre.

Are we the best dentist in Ibrox has within a few miles? We certainly believe we’re one of the best dentists in Glasgow and our patients, both NHS and private have never complained about the level and quality of treatment they recieve.

Dentist Ibrox

If you need dental treatment in Ibrox contact the team at Govan dental today for a friendly consultation. Call us on 0141 445 1829 and speak to our friendly staff.