Dentists Glasgow

nhsGovan Dental Care is a dental practice dedicated to providing the best quality dental care for both NHS and Private patients in the Glasgow area. Situated only a few minutes from Govan underground station, Govan Dental Care is a central company with easy access and friendly, professional service for booked appointments and in case of emergency.  With a team of fully qualified Dentists up-to-date with the latest health legislation, Govan Dental Care is a dental practice on the forefront of Dental Care.  Working alongside the Dentists, Govan Dental Care employ fully trained and qualified Therapists, Nurses and Receptionists to ensure the patient’s health, happiness and well-being.  Our top priority is the patient.

With over 40 years experience as a company, Govan Dental Care have a large number of registered patients in their care, many of whom have been attending appointments there for years.  This has meant that the practice has created a fantastic repertoire with their patients and allowed them to continually expand and improve their services.  Having this length of experience in Dental Care also ensures that our practice is completely up-to-date with the latest Dental Care procedures and that our staff are constantly striving to improve their service based on patient reviews and the current world of Dental Care.

Offering a wide range of services, including Teeth Whitening, Dental Implants, Root Canal and Braces, Govan Dental Care is a practice dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality service for their dental needs, incorporating both health and appearance.  Govan Dental Care employ an experienced and qualified team in order to treat any issues, whether this is simply wishing for whiter teeth or treating Dental Diseases.  Our staff make the patients health and happiness a priority, ensuring that everyone feels completely at ease and fully understands any procedures they will be undergoing.

Govan Dental Care offer Emergency Dental Care with no extra charge for registered patients.  With priority appointments for registered patients, Govan Dental Care are a base for the Dental Hospital. Being only ten minutes from Glasgow Dental Hospital, Govan Dental Care is a base for the hospital and therefore care for many of the patients who are unable to be seen at the hospital.

Offering free Dental Consultations for new patients, including Private and NHS Registered, Govan Dental Care are a practice committed to providing top quality service to each and every person who walks through their doors.