Face Fillers Govan

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 18.00.23Here at Govan Dental Care, we’ve been specialising in face fillers for a number of years now. We’ve become one of Govan’s most established and respected surgeries, with us having an outstanding reputation for delivering exceptional treatment results and customer care.

Face fillers are required when the Hyaluronic Acid in your face has diminished. Generally, when this has happened you’ll have found that your skin has lost its structure and volume which has resulted in you having unwanted facial wrinkles and folds.

Our face fillers are called Juvederm. This is a safe and effective way for you to replace the Hyaluronic Acid that your skin has lost, resulting in the volume coming back to your face and it smoothing away the facial wrinkles and folds.

The results from our face fillers are impressive and immediately visible. On average, the results can last anywhere from 6-12 months. Having said this, touch-up injections, as well as repeat injections will be needed to maintain the results.

Our surgery is situated in Govan and is in close proximity of a bus station and a subway, so you won’t struggle to get to and from our practice.

We charge competitive prices for this treatment here at our surgery in Govan. We will happily discuss the cost with you during the consultation stage. At this point, we’ll also assess your suitability for the treatment and answer any questions that you may have about it.

To arrange a consultation with us, simply give us a call on 0141 445 1829 or send us an email at: info@govandentalcare.co.uk.