Family Dental Practice Glasgow

Govan Dental Care is primarily a family dental practice that has been providing dental treatments to families in Glasgow for a number of years now.

The main aims of our dental practice is to help individuals and their families achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums for the rest of their lives. We do this by taking responsibility to continually improve our knowledge and service, embracing advances and developments that there are in dentistry.

Our family dental practice welcomes anyone and everyone to come to where we are based in Glasgow. From our dentists to our reception staff, each of our members of staff endeavours to provide our patients with expert dental care in a manner which is not only professional but is also empathetic.

By having your child registered here at our family dental practice you will be able to get them used to a friendly dental environment, this means come the time your child needs treatment they will be comfortable and relaxed instead of being upset and distressed.

We specialise in all types of dentistry here at our family dental practice, this includes General dentistry, NHS dentistry, private dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Each of our dentists are qualified in their area of expertise so you can expect to receive treatments that are carried out to an uncompromising standard.

Those in Glasgow who register with our practice can expect there to be an initial consultation, this is where our dentists will be able to get to know you a bit better and have a look at your teeth a lot closer. There is little chance of treatment being carried out on your first visit to our practice however by coming for an initial consultation we are able to establish the treatments that you are eligible for and the treatments that would be most suitable for your needs. After discussing our treatments a treatment plan will be drawn up and you will be able to arrange another appointment to return to have the necessary treatment carried out.

To register you and your family with our practice all you need to do is give us a call or select an appropriate appointment date and time via our online booking form.