Fast Braces Glasgow

teeth whitening image TOPFast braces have become increasingly popular in the last 20 years that they have been offered to people in Glasgow and various other areas. There are a number of different reasons why these type of braces have become the preferred method of straightening teeth, the main reason being the time that it takes to complete treatment.

Below is a comparison between traditional braces and fast braces.


Traditional metal braces                                                       Fast Braces

There are often changed to natural bite                          Natural bite is preserved

Extractions are often needed                                             This system is almost always non-extraction

There are multiple wires used                                           There is just one wire

Treatment time is usually 2 years                                     Treatment time could be as quick as 20 weeks

There is delayed root movement                                       There is immediate root movement

There is root resorption                                                       There is less resorption statistically

Pain issues have been reported                                          There has been pain reduction statistically

Retainers must be used 24/7                                              There are 15-20 minute/day retainers


Cases that can be treated with fast braces include:

  • Crowding
  • Open bite
  • High canines
  • Over bite
  • Crossbite
  • Spacing


Here at our dental practice in Glasgow we offer fast braces as a treatment to patients of all ages. Our braces specialist is fully qualified and has years experience in fitting fast braces for patients.

Fast braces are affordable, with us having a 0% apr dental finance option available if you would rather pay up your treatment rather than paying a large sum at once. The price can also vary depending on whether you need one arch or two, our braces specialist will advise you of this during a consultation.

Before you can get started on this treatment it is important that you come in for a consultation with our braces specialist, this will allow us to take a closer look at your teeth to determine whether or not you are suitable for this treatment. If you are suitable and you are happy to go ahead then we can arrange to get started on fitting your braces.

We currently have two dental practices that we offer fast braces at, one in Govan and our 1 Smile clinic that is based in Glasgow City Centre. For more details just arrange a consultation with our braces specialist by giving us a call or by selecting an appropriate appointment from our booking form.