Fixed Dental Bridge Glasgow

fixed_bridge1If you have a missing tooth or teeth then it can be replaced by attaching a dental bridge to the gap. Unlike traditional plates or dentures, bridges have been designed to stay in place and not be removed at all.

Dental bridges can offer a wide range of benefits to patients in Glasgow, some of which include:

  • It has a good look – In a fixed bridge you can fill the space of the missing tooth which will improve the colour and the shape of the teeth that you are crowning either side
  • Protective – If your teeth at either side are heavily filled or are broken down then crowning these teeth as part of the bridge means that you are actually helping to strengthen them as well as replacing your missing tooth/teeth at the same time
  • Long lasting – There have been studies into fixed dental bridges that show they are very predictable, durable and that they last a considerably long time
  • Quick treatment – Having a bridge generally only takes a bit longer than a single crown depending on the size and type of the bridge. Once you have decided to have a dental bridge made, you’ll find that it doesn’t take that long to finish
  • Less invasive than implants – Implants will require one or more surgical procedures to place the implant(s). You may also require bone grafting if you have insufficient natural bone available, so if you are unable to undergo implant surgery for medical reasons then this can be an excellent alternative


At Govan Dental Care in Glasgow we specialise in fixed dental bridges, this is where the false tooth/teeth have been anchored to new crowns that are attached to the teeth either side of the gap. These crowns are normally made from porcelain with the new tooth made from either ceramic or porcelain and is very stable, with it being able to be used anywhere in the mouth.

The process of making a fixed dental bridge involves you coming into our practice in Glasgow. Here we will assess your suitability for the treatment and will give you all of the information that you need, we will also answer any questions that you may have, if you are suitable and are then happy to go ahead then we will arrange to get started.

We will take a mould of your mouth and it’ll then be sent away to a dental lab where the dental bridge will be made to fit your mouth. Once it’s been made you’ll be able to arrange to come back for the bridge to be fitted.

To arrange to come into our practice for an appointment, simply give us a call on 0141 445 1829 or send us an email at: