Free Dental Treatment Glasgow

People may not always know if they are eligible for free dental treatment at surgeries in Glasgow but if you get in touch with us we will be able to help you find out as it is dependant on different circumstances. We have information on our website which you can read also which helps people to find out whether or not they are eligible for free dental treatment in Glasgow.

People who may be entitled to free dental treatment in Glasgow include:

  • those under the age of 18
  • those aged 18 in full time education
  • those who have a valid HC2 certificate – you may be entitled to an HC2 certificate if you receive a low income. You can get a copy of this form at the reception desk and it comes with a ready to post envelope. If you have this form and need any help filling any of the details in then our helpful staff are more than happy to be of assistance
  • those who are having or who have had a baby in the last 12 months

Also if you or your partner receive any of the following you may be eligible for free dental treatment:

  • income support
  • income based job seekers allowance
  • income related employment support allowance
  • a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate

If you have any questions or require anymore information on anything you have read then you can contact us today and we will help you as best we can.

Our dental surgery is modern and is in a location with good transport links for our patients which makes it easier for them to get to and from our practice and the staff who with us are dedicated and hardworking and strive to do their very best for every patient who comes to us.

If you want to find out if you are eligible for free dental treatment in Glasgow then get in touch with us today.