Home Teeth Whitening Glasgow

teeth whitening image TOPHave you been looking for a dental practice in Glasgow that offers home teeth whitening? If so you should come to us. We have been providing this treatment to patients in Glasgow for a number of years now.

It is important that you use a dental practice for home teeth whitening, there are a number of reasons for this; the first being that a lot of home whitening kits online offer products that can actually damage the enamel of your teeth. Another reason is that you need to go to a dental practice to have a custom made bleaching tray, the majority of home whitening kits that come with a bleaching tray won’t have one that has been specifically designed for your teeth; this can cause the gel to leak on to your gums which can cause blistering, damage and sensitivity.

The teeth whitening gel that we offer with our home whitening is completely safe and is at the forefront of our industry, so you can expect it to be of the highest quality. When you come to us for this treatment we will take impressions of your teeth, we will then send these impressions to the lab and arrange for a custom made tray to be made for you. The tray is specific to your teeth and they have little wells for the gel to be applied, this allows for both maximum coverage and minimum leakage. After the tray is back we will supply you with syringes of whitening gel and you will be able to get started on whitening your teeth.

The tray that you will be provided with is very durable which means that if you look after it it will last for years, this is beneficial because it means that if you were to ever run out of the whitening gel all you would have to pay for is the gel and not another bleaching tray.

The benefit of home teeth whitening is that it means that you are in control and not anyone else, this is something that a lot of our patients prefer.

Our home teeth whitening treatment is affordable and we’d be more than happy to discuss the cost with you should you be interested. Simply arrange a consultation with one of our dentists by giving us a call on 0141 445 1829.