Laser Teeth Whitening Glasgow

whitening before and afterHere at our dental practice in Glasgow we offer laser teeth whitening, this is where you will come into our surgery and we will carry out the treatment. During the treatment you can expect us to isolate your gums and lips, making sure that it’s only your teeth that are exposed; a high concentration of tooth whitening gel will be added then 30 minutes later you will be able to leave with your teeth looking much whiter. The gel that we use during this process has a built in desensitiser so you shouldn’t feel any sensitivity during or after the procedure.

As well as offering this type of laser teeth whitening treatment we are able to offer a system that combines both a laser and home whitening; this whitening system is called Enlighten. Enlighten has become increasingly popular among people in Glasgow and has been in numerous magazine articles and TV make over shows.

Enlighten involves using a laser to whiten your teeth, typically this would be done at our practice in Glasgow. It also involves home whitening that you would do yourself. By doing both you will be able to guarantee that your teeth will get to a VITA shade B1 which is the whitest shade on a normal dentist shade chart. This whitening system stands out from other types of whitening because the results can last for years and years with just simple maintenance, making it a better investment. This type of whitening takes on average 2 weeks and the majority of our patients who have used both the laser and the home whitening are more than satisfied with the results.

If you would like to find out about either of the laser teeth whitening treatments that we offer then you should make an appointment to come in to see one of our dentists. Just give us a call on 0141 445 1829.