Maryland Dental Bridge Glasgow

A dental bridge can replace one or a few teeth if they have to be removed. Generally the surrounding teeth provide a platform for the bridge to be attached to, so they are very secure in place.

Dental bridges can offer a wide range of benefits, however, perhaps the most valuable benefits are the ones listed below:

  • Appearance – You won’t have any noticeable gaps that are off-putting
  • Speech – The gaps that are in you teeth that haven’t always been there may have caused your speech to alter e.g creating a lisp that wasn’t there before
  • Oral health – Having a gap in your teeth can place your surrounding teeth under a great strain and it can also cause issues with food debris, this will no longer be an issue for you once the bridge is fitted


Maryland dental bridges are made of a special resin and a metal frame that has wings that are cemented on to the enamel of the surrounding teeth to hold the bridge in place. When it comes to the teeth surrounding the gap, they don’t have to have complete crowns and the wings of the structure are attached using a strong adhesive. This will leave the teeth undisturbed and will allow the bridge to be fitted quickly with there being minimal damage to the surrounding area. Maryland dental bridges are normally used for smaller gaps in your teeth towards the front of your mouth.

Here at Govan Dental Care we specialise in dental bridges and have been fitting maryland dental bridges for patients in Glasgow for many years now.

We have built up a fantastic reputation in the time that we have been providing this treatment, with many patients delighted with the treatment that has been carried out – so if you are looking for a practice that provides the highest standard of treatment and patient care then we are exactly who you should come to.

When you come to our dental practice in Glasgow you can expect one of our highly skilled dentists to assess your suitability and to talk to you about the treatment and what’s involved. If you are then happy to go ahead then they will arrange to take an impression of your mouth and for the treatment to be started.

One of the main questions that we get asked is whether or not you, the patient will experience any tooth sensitivity. The maryland dental bridge itself has less impact on the surrounding teeth, this is because there is no need to crown the surrounding teeth; therefore meaning that there is less chance of any of your dentin being exposed (so no increased sensitivity.) We will happily answer any questions that you may have about the treatment during the initial consultation with one of our dentists or throughout the treatment.

If you would like to arrange to come into our practice for a consultation with one of our dentists then give us a call today on 0141 445 1829.