Missing Tooth Glasgow

fixed_bridge1Have you got a missing tooth and based in Glasgow ? The majority of people who regularly go to the dentist will have their own teeth, however there will be a time when a patient has a missing tooth and will need a bridge or implant to make sure that the gap that’s left is filled. Having a Missing Tooth can also have an impact on how you feel, people in the past have come to us to get treatment because they had felt self conscious about having a missing tooth and didn’t feel comfortable laughing or joking with friends without thinking that if they smiled that gap in their teeth would show.

Govan Dental have years of experience in dealing with patients who have missing teeth, and we will have a solution for you. It depends on the individual, what we normally do is get you in for a check up and we will assess the options and discuss them with you and then at that point if you are comfortable you will be able to go ahead and get the process started.

There is always options available when it comes to having a Missing Tooth in Glasgow and we will continue to offer the most up to date techniques and treatments for you.

If you are a registered patient with Govan Dental Care then you can book an appointment with us online, or if you want to register with us then call us or come in and see us and we can register you as a patient.