NHS Sedation Dentist Glasgow

Being afraid of going to the dentist can mean different things to different people. There are some people who are anxious because they think that the treatment will hurt whilst there are others who have had a bad experience as a child and who think that the smells and sounds bring back those bad memories.

Dental anxiety and phobia have become recognised in the dental industry and there are more and more dentists in Glasgow who understand their patients’ fears.

Here at our dental surgery in Glasgow, we pride ourselves on treating anxious and phobic patients. There are probably more people who visit our NHS sedation dentist than you may think, dental sedation is sometimes an essential for the patient and also for the dentist to carry out the work properly.

Our NHS sedation dentist will administer medication that will leave you in a very relaxed and dream-like state. Although you will be awake at the time, it is more than likely that you will forget the procedure due to the medication and therefore think that you have been asleep.

If you fit into any of the following categories then coming to our NHS sedation dentist may be best for you:

  • If you are suffering from dental phobia and you would rather not be aware of what is happening during treatment
  • If your fear is based around something specific for example needles
  • If you are getting complex treatment and it is an unpleasant procedure e.g wisdom tooth removal
  • If you have a lot of treatment to be finished and you would like most of it done in one visit or if you can’t take loads of time off for separate appointments


The aim of our NHS sedation dentist is to make you feel at ease any time that you come into our practice in Glasgow.

So, if you are having any serious nervous issues and you are interested in coming in to see an NHS sedation dentist then get in touch with us. Simply give us a call on 0141 445 1829.