Quick Braces Glasgow

smile very bottomIf you want quick braces then you should come to us, we offer a treatment called six month smiles which involves us using fastbraces. These type of braces work quicker and are less painful which has meant that they have become the most popular option for people in Glasgow who need/want quick braces.

Thousands of patients in Glasgow and all over the world have benefited from the technology of Fastbraces.

The benefits of these braces are:

  • They are quick, with treatment times ranging from weeks to months. The treatment times can vary depending on your individual case
  • They are a safe treatment, this system currently has a 25 year history of thousands of successful clinical treatments
  • They are affordable and are a lot cheaper than traditional braces that take longer
  • They are more visually appealing, this is because they are clear braces so you can barely notice that you will even have them in
  • Statistics prove that there is less resorption
  • Statistics prove that there is pain reduction so they are less painful than what traditional metal braces are


At our dental practice we specialise in quick braces and have provided this treatment to patients in Glasgow for several years now. Our braces specialist has undergone all of the necessary training to be able to fit braces for our patients, making us professionals.

Before we can fit braces it is important that we assess your suitability. There are a lot of people who think that braces are the perfect solution for their teeth but when we look we find that another treatment is actually better for their case, so by taking a closer look we can make sure this treatment is right for you. Your case will also determine whether or not you need braces on just one arch or two, these requirements will als reflect the price.

To come in for a consultation all you have to do is give us a call, one of our staff members will then get you booked in to come and see our braces specialist.