Root Canal Treatment Glasgow

rct bottom imageRoot canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure that is used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth. The infection is generally caused by bacteria that live in the mouth and invade the tooth, this can normally happen after tooth decay, leaky fillings or damage to the teeth as a result of trauma i.e a fall.

Your root canal system contains the dental pulp which is the soft tissue at the centre of the tooth. This extends from the crown of the tooth to the end of the root. The dental pulp will begin to die it it’s infected by bacteria, causing the bacteria to then multiply and spread. The bacteria and the substances they release will then eventually pass out of the end of the root canal through the small hole where the blood vessels and nerves enter. This won’t stop because there’s nothing to stop more bacteria passing down the root canal, this will then cause the tissues around the end of the tooth to become red and swollen, meaning that your tooth can become painful and in extreme cases it can become swollen.

What we do

Here at our dental practice in Glasgow we have carried out a root canal treatment for patients of all ages for several years now. We have gained an excellent reputation in this time, this is because we utilise the latest developments in our industry to offer first-class dental care.

The process

In order to treat the infection in the root canal we will need to remove the bacteria. Before we do anything we must make sure that you definitely need root canal treatment so one of our dentists will arrange for you to come in so that we can take a closer look at your mouth. We will then arrange for x-rays to be carried out.

For us to remove the bacteria we will either remove the tooth or we will attempt to save it by removing the bacteria from the root canal system. After this is then removed we will fill and seal the area.

During the process you will be under local anesthetic, this means that it won’t be in any pain whatsoever.

The price

The cost of root canal treatment can vary from patient to patient in Glasgow depending on whether or not you are eligible for free treatment under the NHS or if you need to pay. When you come to our practice the dentist that you see will discuss your circumstances, this will determine whether or not you are eligible for free treatment or if you need to pay for your treatment. If you do need to pay for your treatment then we will discuss the cost with you.

For more details

For more details about root canal treatment just arrange to come in and see one of our dentists at our Glasgow based practice. Just see our contact page for further details.