Six Month Smiles Glasgow


dental surgery GlasgowAbout Six month smiles

Six month smiles is a discreet braces system that focuses on straightening teeth. This treatment is generally faster than conventional orthodontics and can be used to treat crooked teeth, misalignment, unsightly gaps or a misplaced midline.

As the name suggests six month smiles is very quick and results can be achieved in as little as 6 months as opposed to a year or two.

The procedure

Before braces are fitted you will be expected to come to our practice in Glasgow for a consultation. At this point we will examine your mouth and discuss your suitability, the outcome, timescales and possible problems that you could experience during treatment. During the consultation you will be able to ask the dentist any questions that you may have about six month smiles.

If you are suitable for six month smiles and you decide that you want to go ahead with treatment then we can arrange to get started.

Our dentists

Each of our dentists have years experience in fitting six month smiles and have carried out this treatment for numerous patients over the years. So you can expect the dentist who fits your braces to be experienced, fully qualified and trained to fit this type of braces system.

The cost of six month smiles

We offer competitive prices for our six month smiles here at our practice in Glasgow. The price for this treatment can however vary depending on whether or not you need braces for one arch or two. One of our dentists would be more than happy to discuss the cost with you during the consultation.

To arrange a consultation

To arrange a consultation with one of our dentists all you have to do is give us a call or fill out our booking form. We will then be able to arrange a convenient time for you to come into our practice in Glasgow and speak to one of our dentists about this treatment.