Teeth Stain Removal Glasgow

air polishing 1If you are someone who consumes excessive amounts of tea, coffee, wine, tobacco or other food or drink that contains strong colouring then it’s more than likely that your teeth will become discoloured. It’s also common for people who have a normal diets teeth to become discoloured over time.

Here at our dental surgery in Glasgow we specialise in teeth stain removal, with us offering a treatment called air polishing. Air polishing is an effective way of removing the staining from your teeth and it isn’t as expensive as what you might think that it is.

This method of teeth stain removal is fairly quick, with it being completed in just 10 minutes. This is completely pain free and you will notice immediate results. Further sessions may be required depending on the staining of your teeth, however, we will advise you on this.

When we are removing teeth stains at our practice in Glasgow we will put fine particles of silica on to your teeth. Your teeth will then be gently polished which will then score away all of the stains, plaque and trapped food particles. The finished result of this teeth stain removal treatment will then restore the original whiteness of your teeth.

There is no need for a local anesthetic, this is because it’s a gentle method so no heat or pressure is generated whatsoever. This makes it an ideal treatment for patients in Glasgow who experience dental anxiety.

If you are interested in this teeth stain removal treatment then just make an appointment to speak to one of our dentists today. See our contact page for more details.