Teeth Straightening Glasgow

Smile BottomHave you been looking for a dental practice in Glasgow that can offer a treatment to straighten your teeth? If so you should come to Govan Dental Care as we are able to offer metal braces on the NHS to patients of various ages.

.Traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces will give you the chance to bite correctly, eat more comfortably and care for your teeth and gums more efficiently.

Metal braces are available on the NHS and will:

  • straighten crooked or protruding teeth
  • close gaps between the teeth
  • correct the bite of the teeth so that the top and bottom teeth meet when you close your mouth


The treatment time for this way of straightening your teeth is usually between 18 months to two years, however, in between this you will be expected to visit the orthodontist.

This treatment is available for patients in Glasgow who are under 18 and it’s also available on the NHS at the standard charge for complex dental treatment for adults who need it. Although this is the case, adults who want these type of braces to fix minor cosmetic problems won’t be eligible for metal braces under the NHS and will have to pay for other ways of straightening their teeth.

Come to us for a consultation

If you think that you may be eligible for metal braces and/or you would like to discuss your options at our dental practice in Glasgow then just give us a call on 0141 445 1829. One of our receptionists will then get you booked in at a time that is convenient for you.