White Fillings Glasgow

Why you should consider white fillings

More and more people have fillings in their mouth which means more people are conscious about the way that they look. By considering white fillings you don’t need to worry about silver fillings showing when you laugh or smile.

What we can do at our practice

At our practice we offer white fillings as a treatment to patients in Glasgow. Our dentists are fully qualified and have many years experience when it comes to carrying out this treatment so you can be confident that all treatments will be carried out by professionals.

The cost of white fillings

White fillings can vary in price depending on the size of the filling you need, the type of white filling use and the time that it will take to complete the treatment. Before we start any filling you can expect us to discuss the cost of the filling you need and we will also give you a treatment plan to take away with you.

How long white fillings last

The lifespan of white fillings can vary from person to person depending on how well you look after them. If you look at your fillings they will generally last years longer than what they would if you didn’t look after them.

During a consultation at our practice in Glasgow

When you come in for a consultation you can expect one of our dentists to take a closer look at your teeth. At this point we will discuss whether or not you are suitable for white fillings. If you are suitable then we will discuss a treatment plan along with the fees that are involved.

Arrange a consultation

If you are in Glasgow and you would like to find out more about this treatment then you can arrange a consultation with one of our dentists by giving us a call.