White Veneer Glasgow

photo bottomVeneers are thin facings of either porcelain or composite material that are used to cover the front aspect of your teeth. They are an effective cosmetic treatment, with there being both private and NHS options available.

Veneers are mainly used to correct cosmetic concerns such as chips, gaps, discoloured and broken teeth. They are very durable, making them a perfect long-term solution.

At our dental surgery in Glasgow we offer veneers as one of our treatments. We are able to place either composite or porcelain veneers and can do so either privately or through the NHS if you’re eligible.

Veneers are matched to the colour of your teeth, so they aren’t just bright white. This is beneficial because it means that your teeth will look more natural rather than having a few teeth that are bright white whilst the others are a complete different shade altogether. The treatment times with veneers can vary depending on each case, however, the procedure can be completed in less than 2 weeks from start to finish. Afterwards they can give you service for many years, providing that you take care of them.

The dentists that we have who place veneers are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience in placing veneers for patients in Glasgow so rest-assured you are using professional dentists. Prior to treatment beginning we will discuss all aspects of the treatment including what’s involved and the cost. We’ll also assess your suitability, this is because there are some patients who aren’t necessarily suitable for veneers.

Just get in touch with us today for a consultation with one of our dentists at our surgery in Glasgow. You can get in touch with us by giving us a call on 0141 445 1829 or by emailing us at: info@govandentalcare.co.uk.